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10 Summer Wedding Desserts That Are Enjoyable Instead to Cake

Summer weddings are full of color, joy, and happiness, and what better way to add to that than with a fun dessert? While cake is always a popular option, there are plenty of scrumptious desserts that are perfect for a summer wedding. From fruit desserts to ice cream and everything in between, there are endless possibilities to choose from. In this blog, we’ll be sharing 10 Summer Wedding Desserts That Are Fun Alternatives to Cake that your guests will surely love! So, whether you’re planning your own wedding or helping someone else with theirs, keep reading to find some mouth-watering ideas!

1. Introduction: Thinking Outside the Cake for Summer Weddings

The introduction highlights the idea of thinking beyond the traditional wedding cake for summer weddings. With an abundance of fresh produce available during this season, there are numerous creative options for dessert, such as ice cream sundae bars, s’mores stations, and strawberry shortcake bars. The blog also features expert advice and ideas for mini pies, popsicle bars, fruit tarts, petit fours, and cookies. By choosing an alternative dessert, couples can showcase their personality and make a statement on their big day. [1][2]

2. Ice Cream Sundae Bar: Cool Treats for Hot Days

The Ice Cream Sundae Bar is a perfect dessert option for summer weddings, offering guests a cool and refreshing treat for hot days. Keep it simple with classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate, and provide a variety of toppings including hot fudge, whipped cream, and chopped nuts. Set up a designated area where guests can create their own sundae, making it a fun and interactive experience for everyone attending the wedding. [3][4]

3. S’mores Station: Nostalgic and Fun Summer Dessert

The s’mores station is a perfect addition to any summer wedding dessert spread, as it evokes nostalgic memories of summers past for guests. Guests can roast marshmallows over mini tabletop fire pits or around a bonfire and sandwich them with graham crackers and chocolate. This fun and interactive dessert is perfect for guests who prefer to skip the dancing and chill by the fire. [5][6]

4. Strawberry Shortcake Bars: Fresh and Seasonal Wedding Dessert

Strawberry shortcake bars are a perfect summer option for a fresh and seasonal wedding dessert. The juicy, sweet strawberries add a pop of color to the dessert table, while the shortcake provides a light, fluffy base. This dessert is a great alternative to traditional wedding cake and is sure to please your guests with its delicious seasonal flavors. [7][8]

5. Popsicle Bar: Refreshing and Colorful Treat for Guests

The popsicle bar is a perfect summer wedding dessert for guests. Not only is it refreshing and colorful, but it also adds a fun element to the celebration. Guests can choose from a variety of flavors and toppings, making it a customizable treat. Plus, it’s a great way to cool down during the hot summer months. [9][10]

6. Fruit Tarts: Light and Elegant Wedding Dessert

Fruit tarts are a light and elegant option for a summer wedding dessert. With flaky pastry crusts and sweet, tangy fruit toppings, these tarts are sure to delight. Plus, they can be personalized to fit any wedding theme or color palette by using a variety of fruits. Guests will appreciate the refreshing taste of fruit tarts on a hot summer day. [11][12]

7. Petit Fours: Dainty and Delightful Dessert Option

Petit Fours are a great alternative to traditional wedding cakes. These small, delicate treats offer just the right amount of sweetness without being overwhelming. They are known for their dainty size and are often presented on elegant plates or platters. Petit Fours come in a variety of flavors and can be decorated to match your wedding theme or color scheme. It is a dainty and delightful dessert option to impress your guests on your wedding day! [13][14]

8. Go for the Pie: Inexpensive and Light Alternative to Cake

For those who prefer a classic dessert, pies are a great alternative to the traditional wedding cake. Not only are they budget-friendly, but they are also a great summer option as they can be made with fresh, seasonal fruits. Whether it’s a classic apple or a unique flavor like key lime, there are plenty of pie options that will satisfy every guest’s sweet tooth. Plus, a pie can be sliced into smaller portions, making it a lighter option than a big piece of cake. [15][16]

9. Cookies, Cookies & More Cookies: Something Sweet and Classic

Cookies are a classic dessert that never goes out of style, especially for those with a sweet tooth. For summer weddings, serving various types of cookies can be a fun and tasty alternative to traditional cake. From chocolate chip to snickerdoodle, guests will have plenty of options to satisfy their cravings. Cookies can also work well as favors or a late-night snack for guests to take home and enjoy. [17][18]

10. Mini Pies: Adorable and Tasty Dessert for Summer Weddings

Mini pies are a great alternative to traditional wedding cake, especially for summer weddings. These bite-sized delights come in a variety of flavors and can be displayed in an array of beautiful and creative ways. They are perfect for outdoor weddings because they are easy to handle and can quickly become a fan favorite. Guests can mix and match flavors, and they can be customized with fun designs or personalized to the couple’s liking. [19][20]

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