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10 Tips To Keep Your Wedding Cake Looking Great at an Outdoor Summer

Summer weddings are a perfect opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather and outdoor scenery while savoring delicious cake. However, the warm temperature and humidity can pose a challenge to keep the cake fresh and visually appealing for the guests to indulge in. Whether you are planning a lavish wedding or a casual gathering, it is crucial to ensure your cake stays in its perfect shape and flavor. This blog post will provide you with some helpful tips and tricks on how to keep your cake looking great at an outdoor summer wedding. So, let’s dig in and explore the ways to make your cake stand out and stay appetizing.

1. Introduction: The Importance of a Wedding Cake at an Outdoor Summer Wedding

Choosing the perfect wedding cake flavor and design is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. The wedding cake becomes the highlight of the reception, and it’s important to ensure that it remains in its best shape even in an outdoor summer wedding. The heat can affect the cake’s stability, which can impact the overall look and taste. Thus, it’s crucial to take measures to keep it cool and fresh. [1][2]

2. Expert Tips to Avoid a Summer Wedding Cake Meltdown

According to cake experts, it is important to keep your wedding cake cool and fresh during the summer heat. They recommend avoiding dark colors, using wafer paper for flowers, avoiding weight on buttercream cakes, protecting cakes from bugs and debris, considering naked cakes, using rolled fondant icing, and even using faux tiers to lighten the cake. Communicating with suppliers and planning the display accordingly are also key to preventing a summer wedding cake meltdown. [3][4]

3. Use Pale Neutral Colors for Outdoor Cakes

According to Hayden Campbell of Ashley Bakery in Charleston, South Carolina, it is recommended to use pale neutral colors for outdoor cakes during the summer months. Black and other dark colored decorations tend to melt faster in warm weather, so it’s best to opt for light and neutral shades that won’t run on the cake. Choosing light colors will also help ensure that the cake looks great for longer. [5][6]

4. Use Edible Wafer Paper for Flowers

Using edible wafer paper for flowers is a great option to add beautiful and unique designs to an outdoor wedding cake. The paper is made of dehydrated potato starch, water, and vegetable oil, and is tasteless. Professional cake decorators use it to make stunning flowers, and home cooks can achieve stunning results with just a few essential tools. Using food-safe scissors and an icing mixture as glue, layering the petals can create a fuller-looking decoration. [7][8]

5. Avoid Weight on Buttercream Cakes in Summer

According to Jackie-Sue Scelfo of Gambino’s Bakeries in New Orleans, Louisiana, it is best to avoid placing any extra weight on buttercream cakes during the summer, such as gum paste flowers, fondant appliques, or fondant bows. Instead, light buttercream scroll work or sugar veil appliques are recommended. This will help to prevent the cake from melting in the heat and becoming damaged. [9][10]

6. Protect Cakes from Bugs and Debris

To protect outdoor wedding cakes from bugs and debris, experts recommend placing the cake under a pavilion or tent, creating a canopy using netting, or using dry ice to keep the cake cool until closer to the reception time. It is also important to consider citronella candles and mason jar lanterns to deter pests and avoid placing extra weight on buttercream cakes. Remember, protecting your cake from the elements will ensure it looks great on your special day. [11][12]

7. Consider Naked Cakes for Outdoor Weddings

The experts suggest going for naked cakes during summer outdoor weddings. Since there is no icing on the outside, there is no chance of having a melting problem if the cake sits outside. It’s perfect for summertime weddings where cakes can be exposed to heat and humidity. Plus, it’s on-trend and can fit any aesthetic or theme. [13][14]

8. Rolled Fondant Icing can Hold Up Better in Summer

According to Jennifer Stevens of Ambrosia Cake Creations, rolled fondant icing can hold up better during summer months than traditional American buttercream. It’s important to note that all bakeries have different buttercream recipes and it’s recommended to ask how their buttercream holds up in the heat before making a decision. The baker will then recommend the best option to use. [15][16]

9. Use Faux Tiers for a Lighter Cake

Expert Karen Vazquez suggests using faux tiers to help your cake stay in place and prevent it from melting or leaning in the summer heat. This also helps to accelerate the cutting of your cake as no outside cake needs to be disassembled, only the faux tiers removed for a straight bottom tier cut. Only your baker knows how the cake was assembled and the tricks of carrying and disassembling it, so don’t be afraid to ask for faux tiers for a lighter cake. [17][18]

10. Communicate with Your Suppliers and Plan Your Display Accordingly

To ensure the best possible situation for your wedding cake, it’s important to communicate with your event planner, venue, photographer, and cake artist. The timing of summer weddings is often dependent on temperature and location, so it’s crucial to plan the delivery of your cake accordingly. Consider having your cake delivered after the ceremony and discuss the warmest part of the day with your suppliers. Additionally, discuss the perfect location to display your cake, whether it’s in the shade or a well-ventilated area, and plan accordingly. [19][20]

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