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What to Know About Lab-Grown Diamonds vs. Pure Diamonds


Whenever you store for diamond jewellery, you may have a selection between pure diamonds and laboratory-grown diamonds. Lab diamonds and pure diamonds are made in a different way, however they’re each compositionally actual diamonds. Each are lovely choices for diamond jewellery–however how do you resolve which is best for you? 

The hot button is understanding how lab-grown and pure diamonds examine. Decide which diamond is best for you as we go over the similarities and variations between lab and pure diamonds, and reply your prime lab vs. pure diamond FAQs. 

Lab-Grown Diamonds and Pure Diamonds: Similarities 

Laboratory-grown diamonds and pure diamonds are each diamonds. This implies they’ve the identical chemical composition, bodily properties, and optical properties.  

Chemical Composition 

Pure and lab-grown diamonds have the very same chemical composition. Each are product of carbon atoms which can be organized in a selected crystal construction. On a chemical stage, lab-grown and pure diamonds are similar. 

Bodily Properties 

Lab and pure diamonds are chemically similar, in order that they share the identical spectacular bodily properties. The diamond is the toughest naturally occurring materials on earth, so each lab-grown and pure diamonds are extraordinarily powerful and capable of stand the take a look at of time.  

Optical Properties 

Pure and lab-grown diamonds share the identical optical properties. They’ve the identical refractive index, in order that they mirror and refract mild in precisely the identical approach. Put merely, they’re equally lovely and sparkly. 

Lab-Grown Diamonds and Pure Diamonds: Variations

Lab diamonds and pure diamonds are the identical materials, however they’ve variations that may’t be seen by the bare eye. The primary distinction between the 2 stones is how they’re created. Then, this creation course of additionally impacts every stone’s worth, connection to mining, and availability.  

How They’re Created 

Pure diamonds are fashioned by pure processes, then mined. Most pure diamonds type when carbon deposits deep within the earth are uncovered to excessive warmth and intense strain. Pure diamonds additionally typically type at asteroid impression websites and on meteorites in area. 

Lab diamonds are made by scientists in a lab, so they don’t require mining. There are two widespread strategies used to make lab diamonds: high-pressure excessive temperature (HPHT) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD). 

The HPHT methodology mimics the way in which diamonds type within the earth. A diamond seed, a tiny piece of tough diamond, is positioned in pure carbon, then uncovered to intense warmth and strain. The carbon reacts by forming a bigger diamond across the seed diamond. 

The CVD methodology includes utilizing carbon-rich gasoline to create a diamond layer by layer. A diamond seed is positioned in a progress chamber crammed with carbon-rich gasoline. The gasoline is vaporized, inflicting the carbon within the gasoline to separate and persist with the diamond seed. Slowly, a diamond types across the diamond seed. 


Pure and lab-grown diamonds are fairly totally different in worth. Lab diamonds can value 30% to 50% lower than pure diamonds. 

For many individuals, this worth distinction is the principle draw of lab-grown diamonds. This lower cost level can help you get monetary savings in your diamond jewellery or get a bigger, higher-quality stone whereas staying inside your finances. 

Mined vs. Not Mined  

Whether or not or not a diamond has been mined is a serious consideration for many individuals as they store for a diamond. Pure diamonds are mined, whereas lab diamonds are usually not mined. Pure diamonds must be vetted and traced to be licensed as battle free, whereas lab diamonds are all the time battle free and all the time have a traceable supply. For many who don’t wish to have a mined stone, lab diamonds are a transparent selection. 


Lab diamonds are nonetheless pretty new, in order that they’re not as broadly obtainable as pure diamonds. For a similar cause, there tends to be much less selection within the lab-grown diamond class. Whereas that is bettering every year, lab-grown diamonds may be more durable to seek out in the meanwhile. That is very true should you’re in search of a diamond with a really particular form, coloration, carat, and high quality. 

Lab-Grown Diamond Continuously Requested Questions 

Q: Are lab-created diamonds actual diamonds?

A: Sure, lab diamonds are actual diamonds which can be made in a lab.

Q: Are lab-grown diamonds diamond simulants?

A: Lab diamonds are actual diamonds, so they aren’t diamond simulants. Diamond simulants are issues that appear to be diamonds however are usually not diamonds, reminiscent of cubic zirconia. 

Q: Are lab-grown diamonds all the time prime quality?

A: Lab diamonds are usually not all the time excellent. Whereas scientists can management the surroundings a lab diamond is made in, they’ll’t management each side of the way it types. Like tough pure diamonds, tough lab diamonds can differ in issues like coloration and readability. 

Q: Ought to I select a lab diamond for my diamond engagement ring or marriage ceremony band?

A: An engagement ring is an extremely private piece of bijou. Solely you may resolve whether or not you desire a lab diamond in your ring. An important factor about an engagement ring is that you just adore it. For those who love the thought of a lab diamond engagement ring, it’s the proper ring for you. 

Q: Do lab-grown diamonds include diamond certification?

A: Sure, lab-grown diamonds include grading reviews that may inform you about their qualities. A wide range of grading labs, IGI, GIA, and EGL USA, now grade man-made diamonds. 

Q: Are you able to inform a diamond is lab-grown by it?

A: There is no such thing as a visible distinction between earth-mined diamonds and lab diamonds. Even a extremely skilled jeweler or gemologist can’t inform the distinction between the 2 with the bare eye.  

Q: How will you inform if a diamond is a lab diamond?

A: Whether or not a diamond was man-made can be famous on its grading report. A jeweler or gemologist may also use specialised tools to inform the distinction between pure and lab diamonds. Issues like laser inscriptions and metallic inclusions may help an professional inform whether or not a diamond was made in a lab. 

Q: How lengthy does it take to develop a diamond in a lab?

A: The lab diamond progress course of can take wherever from one week to 10 weeks relying on the tactic used and the carat weight of the diamond.

Nonetheless Deciding Between a Lab Diamond or a Pure Diamond?

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