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8 Fruits That Ripen After They’re Picked—and 9 That Don’t

Looking for fruit would possibly seem to be an easy process, however there’s extra to it than shopping for a pineapple or a bunch of bananas and calling it a day. Some fruits cease ripening as quickly as they’re harvested—whereas others maintain ripening over time. What’s extra, completely different fruits ripen at completely different charges, so timing and good buying are key. Forward, we spoke to consultants about which fruits proceed to ripen after you purchase them and which of them don’t, plus methods to know when every is able to eat.

Fruits That Ripen After Shopping for

Fruits that proceed to ripen after they have been picked are often known as climacteric fruits. You should purchase these fruits earlier than they’re ripe and allow them to attain their most scrumptious state at house.


Bananas proceed to ripen after they’re picked and bought, so it is necessary to think about when and the way you propose to make use of the fruit. If you would like to take pleasure in them ripe at a later date, select unripe bananas with fully inexperienced peels. At room temperature, they’re going to take a few week to ripen, says Nathan Lyon, chef, cookbook writer, and host of A Lyon within the Kitchen on Discovery Well being.

Methods to Velocity Up the Ripening of Bananas: If you would like to eat bananas sooner—or if you need overripe bananas for baking—you may expedite the method by putting them in a brown paper bag with an apple, Lyon says. Alternatively, in case your bananas have ripened and you are not prepared to make use of them, retailer them within the fridge for a number of days to decelerate the method.

Most Stone Fruits

When bought unripe, peaches, plums, nectarines, and apricots will take about two to 3 days to ripen at house. Due to this fact, if you happen to plan to take pleasure in these stone fruits over the following week or so, think about shopping for fruits with various ranges of ripeness, says Ann Ziata, chef and cooking instructor on the Institute of Culinary Schooling. This fashion, you will have some fruits which are able to eat and a few that will probably be prepared within the subsequent few days.

Methods to Inform if a Stone Fruit Is Ripe: To find out if a stone fruit is ripe, gently squeeze it. Unripe fruits will probably be agency and laborious, whereas ripe ones could have some give, says Ziata. As soon as a stone fruit is ripe, take pleasure in it instantly or retailer it within the fridge for 3 to 5 days.


Pears are picked after they’re mature however not ripe, as they do not ripen on the tree. Nonetheless, they’ll ripen at room temperature in your kitchen after you deliver them house.

Methods to Velocity Up the Ripening of Pears: Whereas pears will ripen at room temperature, you can also make the method quicker by storing them subsequent to apples or bananas, which launch ethylene, a ripening gasoline.

Methods to Inform if a Pear Is Ripe: Ripe pears could have some give whenever you squeeze them. In addition they will not final lengthy, so you will must eat them quickly. In any other case, ripe pears may be saved within the fridge for 3 to 5 days, says Ziata. “Preserve them in a paper bag within the crisper drawer for greatest outcomes,” she provides.


One other fruit that ripens after you purchase it’s kiwi. In the event you do not plan to eat the fruit instantly, search for unripe ones on the grocery retailer; they’re going to really feel very agency to the contact, says Ziata.

How Lengthy It Takes to Ripen a Kiwi: At house, a kiwi will ripen at room temperature inside three to 5 days, particularly when positioned subsequent to bananas and apples.

Methods to Inform if a Kiwi Is Ripe: When ripe, kiwis will give when gently pressed, says Ziata. They’re going to even have a candy, fruity odor. You may refrigerate ripe kiwis for one more seven days, or two weeks if you happen to place them in a plastic bag as effectively.


Mangos will proceed to ripen after you deliver them house, so maintain this in thoughts when shopping for the tropical fruit.

How Lengthy It Takes to Ripen a Mango: When saved at room temperature, unripe mangos will probably be able to eat inside three to eight days. To shorten the method to 2 days, place the fruit in a brown paper bag, in keeping with the consultants at College of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Methods to Inform if a Mango Is Ripe: Ripe mangos could have a light-weight, candy aroma and yield barely to light stress, says Lyon. In the event you’re not able to eat them, retailer them within the fridge to decelerate additional ripening.

Fruits That Do not Ripen After You Purchase Them

Fruits that cease ripening as quickly as they’ve been picked are known as non-climacteric fruits—purchase these fruits when they’re already ripe.


In contrast to different stone fruits, cherries do not proceed to ripen after they’re picked. Thus, on the grocery retailer, you will wish to search for ones which are able to eat.

Methods to Inform if Cherries Are Ripe: Select cherries with shiny pores and skin, vibrant inexperienced stems, and agency texture, says Lyon. Skip ones which are wrinkled, uninteresting, or smooth, as these indicators point out the cherries are too previous.

Methods to Retailer Cherries to Preserve Them Recent: Do not wash cherries till you might be able to eat them, and retailer them within the fridge in an unsealed bag or open container within the crisper drawer.


After strawberries are picked from the plant, the ripening course of stops—so you’ll want to purchase berries that have been picked at peak ripeness.

Methods to Inform if Strawberries Are Ripe: Search for strawberries with a uniform, shiny purple colour and a robust, floral aroma, says Ziata.

Methods to Retailer Strawberries to Preserve Them Recent: Preserve strawberries recent by all the time storing them within the fridge, and do not wash your berries till you are able to eat, as moisture will encourage mould to develop, says Ziata.


Since grapes do not ripen off the vine, it is necessary to know methods to choose ripe grapes on the retailer.

Methods to Inform if Grapes Are Ripe: Select bunches with vibrant inexperienced stems and no indicators of withering, says Lyon. “It’s also possible to [do] a shake check; calmly shake the bunch and select the one the place the grapes stay hooked up to the stem.”

Methods to Retailer Grapes to Preserve Them Recent: Step one in storing grapes correctly is to keep away from washing them earlier than storing, says Lyon. Additionally, retailer grapes in a microperforated plastic bag within the coldest a part of your fridge (normally the underside or the again).


Citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes solely ripen on the tree. As soon as picked and bought, the fruits will not proceed to ripen, although they’ll go unhealthy if they don’t seem to be saved correctly.

Methods to Inform if Citrus Is Ripe: To determine completely ripe citrus, search for fruits that really feel heavy for his or her measurement, says Lyon.

Methods to Retailer Citrus to Preserve It Recent: At house, you may maintain it at room temperature for 2 to 3 days earlier than transferring it to the fridge. Right here, citrus fruits will final for 3 to 6 weeks.


Pineapple is one other fruit that does not ripen after it is picked, so what you see is what you get.

Methods to Inform if a Pineapple Is Ripe: “A ripe pineapple will really feel heavy, odor fragrant, and be barely yellow in colour,” says Ziata. Keep away from pineapples with minimal perfume and a greener hue, which signifies the fruit was picked earlier than it ripened.  

Methods to Retailer Pineapple to Preserve It Recent: Retailer uncut pineapple at room temperature for 2 to 3 days; it would turn out to be juicier and softer throughout this time. In the event you want extra time, maintain it within the fridge for 5 to seven days.


The ripeness of watermelon will keep the identical after it is picked and shipped to shops.

Methods to Inform if a Watermelon is Ripe: You may know a watermelon is ripe if it feels heavy for its measurement, which signifies a excessive water content material, notes Ziata.

Methods to Retailer Watermelon to Preserve It Recent: Preserve watermelon at room temperature for about one week, after which you must chop it up and put it within the fridge.

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