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10 Potato Companion Crops for a Extra Sturdy Crop

In the case of planting a sturdy vegetable backyard, the key to a profitable harvest has as a lot to do with what you’re rising as what you’re planting subsequent to these crops. Sure crops work rather well when planted subsequent to at least one one other as a result of they can assist enrich the soil, hold pests away, and improve the flavour of no matter you’re rising. In the case of potatoes, the very best companion crops are those who do all three! We requested gardening consultants to suggest essentially the most helpful crops to develop subsequent to your potatoes.

  • Brian Shaunfield, retailer supervisor and residential and backyard knowledgeable at Lowe’s
  • Lindsey Chastain, homesteader and gardening knowledgeable, The Waddle and Cluck.


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Spinach is a shallow-rooted vegetable that helps to fill area in between the potato crops, which makes it an awesome plant so as to add if you’re trying to bulk up your edible backyard, says Brian Shaunfield, house and backyard knowledgeable at Lowe’s. “The plant is quick rising (in comparison with potatoes), so it may be harvested earlier within the 12 months with out disturbing the potatoes rising deeper within the soil,” he says.

  • Zones: 6-10
  • Measurement: 1 to 12 inches lengthy and 0.5 to six inches broad
  • Care necessities: Full daylight, frequent watering


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These wholesome greens aren’t simply full of the vitamins you have to thrive, they will additionally assist hold your potatoes wholesome. “They assist hold nitrogen within the soil which nourishes the potatoes,” says Lindsey Chastain, homesteader, The Waddle and Cluck. “Potatoes want loads of nitrogen.”

  • Zones: 3-10
  • Care necessities: Beans are simple to look after requiring full some and simply reasonable watering


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Chives are one other backyard addition that may profit your potatoes each out and in of the soil. Shaunfield says that this flavorful herb can repel pests whereas additionally attracting helpful bugs and pollinators in your backyard. “When planted alongside the borders of beds, chives can act as a barrier to guard different crops,” he says.

  • Zones: 3-10
  • Measurement: 6 to 18 inches tall and eight to 12 inches lengthy 
  • Care necessities: Full daylight, well-draining soil wealthy in natural matter


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You gained’t have to fret about any critters attending to your potatoes earlier than you do if you plant them subsequent to some cabbage, which helps forestall potato beetles, a pest that likes to nosh on the rising leaves of the tubers, says Chastain.

  • Zones: 2-9
  • Measurement: 1.2 to 2 toes tall
  • Care necessities: Full solar, 1 to 2 inches of water every week


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The flowers on cilantro are wonderful at attracting helpful bugs, like parasitoid wasps, hoverflies, ladybugs, and lacewings, that prey on dangerous pests, says Shaunfield, who suggests planting this tasty plant alongside along with your potatoes. “As well as, cilantro is a scrumptious herb that can be utilized in cooking,” he says. “Its delicate white flowers yield coriander seeds that can be utilized as a spice.”

  • Zones: Annual in most zones however will overwinter in milder climates
  • Measurement: 24 inches tall and 12 inches broad 
  • Care necessities: Full daylight, well-draining soil wealthy in natural matter


Aksana Zavadskaya / Getty Pictures

Garlic can be a pest deterrent and anti-fungal, says Chastain. Retaining some garlic round may be useful, particularly in relation to deterring alternaria brown spot or brown leaf spot, two sources of potato blight. Plus, contemporary garlic makes an awesome addition to most potato recipes! 

  • Zones: 4-9
  • Measurement: 3 toes tall
  • Care necessities: Full solar, frequent watering


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No backyard is full with out marigolds, which deter a wide range of pests that may doubtlessly wreak havoc in your backyard. Marigolds not solely deter potato beetles, however they’re thought to boost the flavour of potatoes, says Shaunfield.

  • Zones: 2-11
  • Measurement: Varies relying on selection
  • Care necessities: Full daylight, well-draining soil


Vasil Dimitrov / Getty Pictures

This leafy inexperienced is one other one which not solely helps within the backyard, nevertheless it helps when harvested and utilized in recipes as properly. “Basil deters thrips and may improve the flavour of potatoes,” says Chastain.

  • Zones: 10-11
  • Measurement: 12 to twenty inches tall
  • Care necessities: Full solar, frequent watering


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In the event you’re in search of a companion plant in your potatoes that may assist with preserving these dangerous bugs out of your backyard, this can be the very best plant you possibly can add. “Yarrow attracts helpful pests like ladybugs,” says Chastain of the pollinator favourite. 

  • Zones: 3-9
  • Measurement: 3 toes tall
  • Care necessities: Full solar, well-draining soil


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“Probably the most compelling cause to plant horseradish along with your potatoes is as a pest deterrent—and it would even repel pesky moles and mice,” says Shaunfield. “As well as, you reap the advantages of attention-grabbing new flavors that the potato tubers typically undertake.” Nonetheless, he provides that you simply’ll should be conscious of planting and rising patterns, as horseradish crops generally is a bit invasive if left to their very own gadgets.

  • Zones: 4-8
  • Measurement: 2 toes tall and three toes broad 
  • Care necessities: Full daylight, well-draining soil

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